The Cognitive IoT Company!

We are the Cognitive Internet of Things (Cognitive IoT) Solution Provider delivering revolutionary products and services. Your end to end IoT Solution Partner!


About Factana & Our Mission

We are in the mission of “IoT for All” .  Industries are in revolution to adopt Digitally Connected business. Industry specific Internet of Things (IoT) is the foundation to achieve digitally connected business operations. Our mission and vision is to make this technology available to Small and Medium Businesses.  Let’s make this revolution together.

Who we are

We are The Cognitive Internet of Things (Cognitive IoT) Solution Provider, delivering Industrial IoT Platform, Sensors devices, IoT Gateway and Edge Computing capabilities along with Cloud Platform to help Small, Medium Business and Enterprises to automate any repeatable processes.


Our solution will help consumers, farmers and manufacturing industries to transcend from manual monitoring and repeated operations to fully automated digital machinery. We will help to deploy sensors, actuators, gateway, communications, cloud services based on machine learning capabilities to empower industries to implement Industry 4.0 / IIoT solutions to meet global business demands. Our Fogwing IIoT platform provides all comprehensive features required to automate processes seamlessly.

What we want to do

We Build Technology for Human Wellbeing

As an IoT engineering company, we are building smart devices and platform to enrich human experiences. We work with our technology partners to deploy smart sensors, switches, gateway, edge computing devices and advanced information technology capabilities to meet the global demand of IoT solutions.

With strategic business vision, we focus in

  • Industry Automation
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Quality Food Storage

we drive our innovation towards success of your business.

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Our Team

Our IoT Engineers, Data Engineers and Scientist are our core strength. Our Leaders, Mentors, and Founders are some of the most successful Technology Experts with over 100 years of combined experience in the connected business. Each team member within our company brings a variety of technical expertise that helps us to achieve our customer’s demands and dreams. In fact, we strongly believe that our employee-oriented culture boosts our commitment to our customer’s success.


Team Work. Delivers Quality.

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