We strongly believe in community of living beyond borders. We know that partnership is the only way to build ecosystem to meet global need of Internet of Things based solution. Without building a partner ecosystem, it is hard to achieve the full scale of connected business requirements. we welcome you to join this revolution.



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We welcome partner relationship from across global!

Technology Partnership

Internet of Things (IoT) technology solution require’s many components such as variety of sensors, actuators, gears, mechanical or industrial components, communication channels to support short and long range data transmission, gateway, cloud and mobility etc. We clearly understand that not everything can be built by our own, but key is working technology providers. We are keen to associate with any such proposals from valuable partners. If you are one of such provider and interested to associate with us please reach us. We would love to hear from you.

Integration Partnership

Our Cognitive IoT platform is not just connecting sensors to the devices and generating data, but also delivering meaningful metrics generated out of data to the enterprise applications and systems to give better visibility for business users. You may be a Software as a Service or System Provider of PLM, Production Management, ERP, CRM or Supply Chain Management, interested to consume data that generated by our devices platform. By unifying our technology solutions through integration, we can deliver bigger value to our customers globally. Please reach us to learn more about our data.

Field Services Partnership

At factana, we strongly believe that “Customer Success is our Success”. Since IoT implementation required devices deployments at physical location from anywhere, it is critical to deploy field engineers to handle seamless installation. We may not achieve such demands alone, therefore we created a program for self-employed engineers who is interested in partnering with us as Field Service Agency. As a part of our program we provide exclusive resources and training to help engineers to be successful. This is our contribution to increase the self-employment opportunities for younger generations to grow their revenues. To learn more about our Field Services Agency (FSA) Program, please write to us.

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