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  • June 15, 2019

    Edge Computing, Is Next Generation IoT?

    Generally Internet of Things (IoT) devices are bundled with sensors and actuators to act as data collector from across deployment. These data will transmitted over internet to common cloud infrastructure for persistence, processing and measuring predictions. However these devices are always connected with the cloud infrastructure so they can stream the data across internet. This model of architecture required higher investment, infrastructure and continuous internet connectivity.

    In contrast to IoT approach, Edge computing is a solution based advanced devices which facilitate data collections and processed at the end of the network, alias Edge itself. This approach prevents heavy dependency with cloud connectivity and bulk processing. Since the data seems to be local, the size of the repository and processing time would be much faster.

    Due to this nature, Edge Computing approach is considered as advance way of processing IoT functions at the local itself. To build such solution required various functional capabilities.

    We are building such advance level of functions and management capabilities as part of our fogworx platform.

    To Learn more about our Edge initiative, please write to us,

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