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  • June 15, 2019

    Home Automation, truly automation ?

    Home automation is not something new to everyone. Smart Home devices are available as we see them, across home, stores, e-commerce and amazon store, etc. These devices are great tools to get connected and control every small appliance across home. Through mobile app provided by the manufacturer we can control the controller. With Internet of things we can control it from anywhere around the world. Smart Hub is another digital component that connects all home appliances and mobile apps through cloud platform.

    However, these devices can be controlled through the app, but cannot automate the collaboration between devices as these are manufactured by different vendors. So is Home Automation truly automation? Not really!

    With growing security threats, these devices are highly vulnerable by intruders to turn smart devices as disasters.

    We are with the mission of building next-generation Edge devices that will act as Smart Hub at the home environment without connecting everything through the internet. The approach prevents security threats at the same time act as a local server for mobile devices to act. Also, we will add an AI-based solution to make these hub act as a host for all appliances to collaborate with each other. True automation!

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