Smart Agriculture

World will need more than 70% of more food by 2050 as the world population estimated to touch 9 billion. Smart Agriculture is only way to supply the demand. We can help you!

IoT enables Smart Agriculture

Whether you are a Farmer or Food Processing Company, we help you to understand your farmlands by bringing real-time information of the field conditions to make smart decisions and automation.

Real-time Measure

We provide specialized actuators that enable field condition monitoring from anywhere through remote access, control, and measure to efficiency use the resources (water and power) energy.

Real-time Analyze

The real-time data aggregator devices send the historic soil conditions, temperature, moisture level, Ph level and local weather data to predict the fertilization, disease control and watering needs anytime from anywhere!

Decisions Automation

Automated watering and moisture level maintenance is key action on the green fields, we provide data driven workflow to automate the decisions based on the field conditions and weather patterns.

Instant Alerts

Instance data about crop condition, water level, wind speed are critical to take appropriate action before disaster leads to financial loss. We provide system to send instant alert according to lower and upper limit set by farmers.

How IoT Applications Helps Smart Agriculture Practices

Our Smart Agriculture solutions are powered by IoT Devices and Machine Learning technologies to analyse
the field conditions to predict and provide actionable insights.

Irrigation Monitoring and Automation

With growing climate change challenges, water scarcity affects every continent in the world. Around 43 countries are suffering from insufficient water for drinking. With that, wasting water on the farm field is the cruelest contribution for the society. In Smart Agriculture practice, IoT connectivity bundled with Sensors and Intelligence helps to measure the soil moisture condition at real-time to automate the water irrigation system as water-dropping or flow depending on the crops demand. Even though the technology is complex for a farmer, we simplify that by providing all necessary devices and software platform to seamlessly adopt the modern irrigation systems.

In addition, controlling the water waste, smart irrigation approach also helps to cut down the operational expenditure such as water usage, power usage, unnecessary pump motor usage, and inappropriate watering when it is not necessary.The traditional remote button and timer mechanism of watering do not solve all these problems.

Livestock Monitoring

Modern agriculture practice includes organic farming, forestry, fishing, poultry, and livestock productions by leveraging the existing landscape and resources. This unified approach helps to utilize the field employees effectively to generate production in various seasons to gain continuous revenue. However, it required extreme maintenance efforts to keep track of conditions across all areas. Even traditional farmers are struggling to manage all maintenance activities to accurate gain better yield.

IoT technologies help to collect the real-time data such as tracking livestock location, quantities, body temp, sickness, field conditions, fishing water quality, temp, air moisture level of poultry cages and many data points to analyze and predict the effectiveness of the environment before any disease or disaster occurs. Also, by deploying IoT solutions, the farmer can reduce the manual efforts of tracking all data, labor cost and workforce requirements. Our IoT solution sends instant alerts when unexpected events occur that will help the farmer to act pro-actively rather than post incidents.

Learn more about Live Stock Monitoring.

Greenhouses Climate Management

Greenhouse farming is the newer way of scientific approach to framing fruits and vegetables in the contained space by maintaining the indoor climate conditions regardless of outside weather. Greenhouse approach required to control the environmental parameters such as temperature, moisture level, watering, sunlight and soil fertilization through manual intervention or prefixed control mechanism. Since greenhouse environment maintenance is involved in many manual efforts according to outside conditions, the success rate of higher yield is unpredictable.

IoT solution can play a major role in collecting all indoor environmental parameters through sensors and by comparing with outside temperature parameters to determine the ideal control action automatically. This approach is helping to eliminate all manual efforts and human errors by deploying actuators on the field. Also, by collecting the historical data and analyzing through machine learning techniques helps to predict the upcoming climate change conditions and plan the activities up front. We deploy IoT based greenhouse solution which will deliver all metrics and alerts to the farmers on their hands through mobile delivery.

All of them already prebuilt and available as application service for you. Explore about Fogwing eco App for more details.

Disease Identification & Control

Plant disease is the most significant challenge that farmers must solve at the earlier before it destroys the entire field of yield. More than 50% of the agricultural waste is due to uncontrolled disease and infections that killed the growth of the plants. Farmers should have deeper knowledge and experience in identifying diseases and control, including rot, freeze damage, rust, blight, mold, scales, bacteria, viruses, fungus, wilt, mildew, gall, mites, moths and cankers to reduce . However, disease and pest growth are driven by specific seasons and climate changes, so many times farmers have to take a clue on controlling the diseases. Pesticides are the options to control the bug and diseases but very harmful to humans. This have become the never-ending problem for both farmers and consumers.

IoT technologies can be the resolution for the above problem to detect the disease earlier through the field scanning approach. Field scanning is done by capturing the plant leaves, stems as pictures through Drone or Rover and processing the data through image comparison technology in the cloud to identify the potential of disease at the earlier stage. These data can be used to track the field conditions over the years to plan the type of framing according to suitability. We build advanced technology solution using Machine Learning processes to predict disease identification and controlling earlier.

Farm Storage Monitoring

Agriculture is the most complex process which required very careful planning, preparation and continuous efforts to get profitable yield from the fields. After harvest, the farmers must plan proper storage of grains and vegetables in larger containers before distributing or future seeding. With growing food compliance processes and unpredictable climates, improper storage can spoil a yearlong hard-earned harvest. Like greenhouse framing, proper climate maintenance at storage or warehouse is required to keep the yields properly before distributions.

IoT technologies can provide sensors and solutions to monitor the climate and moisture level of containers both inside and outside to predict the possibility of fungus growth or any other bacterial growth to maintain the outputs. IoT’s real-time data collection and alerts mechanism can be used to get real-time alerts of the warehouse or storage container conditions. We deploy the device and long-range communication mechanism to collect the data even though the storage or warehouse located in remote rural areas, enabling remote monitoring.

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