Consumer IoT

Over the past 12 years we have seen massive changes in the consumer market, from brick and mortar to E-commerce leading to higher demand for digital experience. Therefore, consumers are not satisfied just with the quality of the product they expect great experience beyond web and mobile touch-points. The future of digital consumer experience requires seamless communication over voice and touch-less devices. Internet of things (IoT) plays a vital role in providing such level of touch-less digital experience. At Factana, we are committed to provide such level of experience through our IoT platform.

IoT Solutions for Smart Home

The Smart home solution enables consumers to predict, control, and automate routine activities with the help of Internet of Things(IoT). Due to the growing technological support, every home appliance now equipped with seamless connectivity with the internet, therefore a consumer can control the appliances from anywhere around the world. Smart sensors, video streaming, and tracking devices helps to throw instant alerts and predictions. Hence, our mission is building bond between consumer and home appliances through our smart hub solutions.

IoT Platform for Provider and Consumer Collaboration

Smart home showing internet connectivity with the device and smart hub

Service Provider and consumer collaboration/communication always happens manually , regardless of digital initiatives which lead to inaccurate data generation by the digital platform provided by Service Provider. Internet of Things helps prevent the manual entry by sensing the consumer environment and equipment conditions, therefore Service Providers can make appropriate call of maintenance even before consumer report complaints.

IoT Enabled Field Service

In addition to Smart home automation solution, consumer are expecting seamless digital experience with services providers such as Lawn care Services, Home Warranty Services, Repair and Maintenance Services, Garbage Services etc. Beyond web and mobile experience, Field Service Providers are in higher pressure to provide proactive service automation to consumers by predicting the situation. IoT enabled Field Service System is required to build tight collaboration with consumers to provide real-time Uber-like experience. As a thought leader of IoT solutions, our team at Factana help field services providers to embed the IoT solution into their existing application systems for rapid customer responsiveness.

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