Smart Energy Management

Energy conservation is the only solution to resolve economical impacts and lessening climate change impacts. IoT based Smart Energy technology is the only solution.

Commercial Building Energy Savings

Commercial buildings such as offices, stores, supermarkets, schools, hospital, shopping malls, airport, and large skyscrapers are the biggest consumers of Gas, Power and Water resources. Nearly 60% of these energy resources are waste due to uncontrolled usage regardless of needs. The Growing cost of energy, commercial building operators must consider various ways to control energy usage to reduce their expenses but also increase profitability.

IoT technology sensors and actuators are playing an efficient role in acting as the brain behind the energy waste control by detecting the need of energy at every corner, analyze the trend of usages to make an intelligent decision in auto-controlling the consumption of energy. The smart metering also helps to monitor the usage and controlling decision remotely without physical/manual efforts. We provide IoT solution that will help operators to collect, consolidate and analyze the energy usage data to predict the best decision.

Restaurant / Hotel Energy Control

With the growing demand of BNB and Shared accommodation culture, Hotel and Restaurants are under enormous stress to reduce the operational expenses to increase the profitability. However, a large amount of Power and Gas energy are wasted due to continuous usage to maintain faster operations. Hotel management team must run all lights across the corridor and common area even though not many rooms are occupied at that time. Similarly, Restaurants Kitchen team must run the Gas energy to keep the burner on and ready to operate even though the number of food order preparation is less. All these energy usages will shoot up the operational expenses, low margin resulting business loss.

Traditional sensors deployed in the Hotel and Restaurant does some level of energy saving by shutting down the systems, however, such consumption and conservation data is not captured by those sensors for intelligent decisions. We provide a consolidated solution where Smart Sensors will be deployed to capture the usage data and shut down the systems when there is no energy usage . In addition, it will bring data into our machine learning system for analyzing, prediction and comparison metrics to make intelligent decisions.

Residential Community Smart Metering

In addition to Commercial Building and Hotels, Residential Complex are also wasting power energy when it is not require. Traditionally, Apartment or Residential complex follow manual inspection and human involved controlling approach to reduce energy usage and utility expenses. However, it does not address accurately helping to understand the usage level, trends, patterns and other options to increase the energy usage.

Deploying IoT based sensors and actuators will help to capture the power usage across the corners of the building to understand the usage level at different part of the building, common and surrounding areas to determine where energy is being wasted at higher level and take decision or process to control the energy waste. We provide mobility-based solution to solve this problem for transparency of usage metrics across community.

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