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IoT Solutions for Logistics

Everything is connected today. We expect delivery tracking from local Pizza delivery store before placing order. The same is expected by Industrial Customers before they place the order. Industrial IoT based asset tracking and monitoring solutions helps to enable your shipment tracking and delivery services monitored in realtime for distribution planning and customer satisfaction. IoT provides a better solution than traditional mobile tracking. Explore further.

Logistics and Distribution Optimization

Retail and Distribution Industry has been going through a tremendous transformation due to higher customer demands. Accuracy of planning, demand forecasting and customer delivery are key priorities for a retailer to increase the distribution efficiency and customer satisfaction. However, supply chain and distribution optimization involved third-party (supplier, shipment, warehouse, delivery agent) commitment and visibility.


The Industrial IoT (IIoT) can provide visibility by real-time supply chain tracking materials, logistics, and products as they move through the distribution channel. Effective data collections at various checkpoints enable retailers to collect and feed delivery information into E-commerce, OMS, Packaging and Shipment systems. By connecting suppliers and distribution channels, all the parties concerned with the supply chain can trace interdependencies, order delivery flow and guaranteed delivery SLA. This data will help retailers predict issues, reduces inventory overheads, and potentially reduces operational expenditures.

Food Processing and Storage Safety

The food manufacturing and processes industry are challenged by global regulations due to increasing issues around people’s health. Preventing food contamination and bacterial growth is the topmost priority for farmers, processing industry, distributors, grocery retailers and restaurant companies. Food processing involved in a set of methods used to transform raw ingredients to tasty food by going through hygienic cleaning, appropriate cutting, cooking at the right temperature, mixing at right measurement, packing, and storage in an accurate room temperature. In addition to safe processing, distribution and delivery at the right condition required additional precautions. Product returns due to spoiled food and complaints by customer create bigger revenue loss and brand failure.

Internet of Things (IoT) Platform can help to prevent brand failure by measuring the processing and storage cleanness through sensors and predictive platform. We will deploy sensors to collect measurement of atmosphere temperature, water temperature, moisture level, water contamination level, inventory level to consolidate all data points to identify the actual food conditions. The storage to delivery timeline is also measured to deter safer food delivery until it reaches the customer’s hands. All measurement and metrics are delivered to all stakeholders through the respective dashboard to have complete transparency on food safety.

Apr 29, 2020 by Sancia Catherine

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