IoT Developer


10 months ago


We are looking for fresh minds with prior knowledge in IoT, python and SQL to join as part of the core product development team. We provide all necessary trainings required to build successful career.


Job Activities

Core Team’s day-to-day responsibilities includes:

  1. Developing and configuring IoT Hub, Messaging, Storage and Edge system by building microservices based on python.
  2. Build and Deploy microservices in the IoT prototyping devices like Rasberry Pi and MXChip.
  3. Build data streaming pipelines between IOT devices and Hub.
  4. Building data staging and processing engine to cleanse, clean and consolidate data repo.
  5. Working on Azure ML module that identity patterns and predictions based on the device data.
  1. Working with front-end developers to work on new UI templates, graphs and reports.
  2. Working on Microsoft Azure Services, Processes and NoSQL databases to build end-to-end applications.
  3. Working on multiple micro-services presets developed for internal/external use.
  4. Daily status update, timesheet tracking and reporting to the manager.


Who can apply:

  1. Science graduates with prior hands-on experience in python programming experience.
  2. 0 – 1 year experience and ready to kickstart highly dedicated career for extreme growth.
  3. Experience in SQL Lite, No SQL, Microsoft Azure and other technologies preferred.
  4. Exposure in Raspberry Pi and MXChip would be great advantage.
  5. Work Location: HSR Layout, Bangalore.

Send your resume to :