Python Developer


1 year ago


We are looking for Python Developer who has done end to end of application development using Python Flask and MySQL. The following are the experience and expertise required to serve this position.


Experience Requirements:

  1. Minimum of 1 years’ experience in python web development and deployment.
  2. Experience in development microservice based API programs for high performance application systems using Python Flask framework.
  3. Experience in following best practice, standard and framework development.
  4. Experience in MySQL and any No SQL (Mongo DB) in developing complex SQL scripts , schema design and unstructured data processing.
  5. Experience in configuring github repository, check-in/checkout, auto sync, build and devops process establishment.
  6. Experience in configuring and deploying python applications in Azure VM or Apps Service environment from github.
  7. Experience in mentoring junior developers and trainees on hands on basis to build their skillset and delivery.


JOB Assignment:

  1. Setup a new flask development environment, microservices design framework, develop prototype and Azure hosting performance tuning etc.
  2. Provide training and mentoring junior developers on day to day basis to help them to resolve technical issues and daily assignment.
  3. Take ownership on developing specific modules as individual contributor of the project team.

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