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  • June 15, 2019

    Manufacturers need Cognitive Bots at Edge!

    In Today’s digital world, manufacturing industries are going through enormous changes in the production line processes to meet the demands. Industrial Automation lead to process visibility and machinery performance prediction. It helps in preventing major outages in the production process caused due to the machinery or part failure.

    But how to identify and prevent such incidents at the factory level, as if this decision has to go through corporate HQ that will take more lead time of decision and fixes.

    Advancement in IoT and Artificial Intelligence empower Industrial automation that enable IoT devices to monitor, measure and predict the incidents based on the data collected at the factory floor level.

    Edge devices deployed at the factory production floor equipped with advanced storage capacity can store massive data collected. It has the capabilities to collect, analyze and perform the function which will prevent major failures inside a factory. Hence, with the help of edge devices and internet of things the factory’s can maintain an uninterrupted flow in manufacturing. Therefore, it will increase the efficiency and also limit the problems faced by manufacturing industries.

    Cognitive Bots (IoT) are vital for any manufacturers to seamlessly deliver and meet market demands!

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