Enrich your landscape
in smarter way!

Landscape maintenance is a continuous effort at every season to preserve the healthiness, clean, safe and attractiveness. However, it required complete knowledge and experience in suitable fertilization, pesticide, watering for lawn and shrubs based on soil and weather patterns. Many residents and homeowners prefer to take these tasks as DIY (Do-it-yourself) but have shortage of the knowledge and time. Untimely maintenance activities will lead into poor yard conditions and loss of property value.

Yardbott solves this problem!

Yardbott provides limitless possibilities!

The solution provides a web interface for homeowners and landscape service provider to collaborate through a common platform. The platform can auto-schedule your landscape maintenance tasks based on the weather condition and help to place the order to the services provider.

Dashboard to understand your trends!

Web interface to have deeper insights regarding the patterns of your Soil condition, temperature and average rainfall trends over a period. Also, spend analysis to understand the money spent on on-demand services.

All-in-one board!

Automatic Tasks Scheduler!

An inbuilt Machine Learning engine predicts the landscape maintenance tasks automatically based on your weather and soil conditions. A web interface helps to adjust the task schedule according to your personal time availability. Or just place an order to outsource to an on-demand service provider in your area.

Flexibility in your hands!

Maintenance Order Analyzer!

A reporting interface provides detailed data for analyzing the work completion and pending at any time regardless of efforts spent as DYI or outsourced to the specialized service provider.

Insights on your maintenance efforts!

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